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Ready Built Factory for Lease

Saturday - 20/07/2019 15:11
Established in 2011, we is one of the leading companies in investment and development of industrial park infrastructure. With more than 9 years experience of working, We offers products such as ready built factory for rent, factory for lease, industrial land and workshop in Viet Nam.
Ready Built Factory for Lease
Ready Built Factory for Lease
With professional staff and customer services, we help investors and enterprises feel confident and secure for their businesses. We commit to provide the infrastructure, products and services at the highest standard and contribute to the sustainable development of enterprises and investors.


    Reinforcement of the factory ground: +2.85 m

    Ground loading capacity: 1,000 – 2000 kg/m2

    Maximum height of the factory:  10.36m

    Structure: synthetic steel frame oil painted with 01 rust-resistant class and 02 finished classes, galvanized steel purlins 2mm thick, tole roof and Lysaght walls

    Automatic lighting, telephone, lightning protection, and fire alarm system.

    Clean water supply system, rainwater and sewage drainage system.

    Supply system of low voltage electricity to each factory (including national power grid and reserved power from generators). Power Capacity: Phase 1: T1, T2, T3 stations: (2x1600 + 2000) KVA and reserved generators: 3x600 KVA. Expanded phase: T3-1 station: 1000KVA and reserved generators 80KVA for each factory (installed upon customer’s request)

    Additional structure: each factory has a separate parking house/area. 24/24 security. Security station for each factory.


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